Getting More From Student Life

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Being a student is one of the most enjoyable times in life, whether you’re fresh out of college or returning to education as a mature student. How you cope with the financial side of life, though, will have a much bigger impact on your enjoyment of higher education than the course or your background.

For many students, university life offers the first taste of true independence, a step away from mum and dad, and into the realms of self sufficiency. Turning up for lessons is likely something you’ve developed an aptitude for over the preceding decade-and-a-half, so developing the ability to manage your money will likely be a much more challenging routine to master.

The biggest hurdle for many new students is understanding exactly what they need to pay for, since their parents have often looked after all things money up until now.

Here at we’ll be looking at things you can do to save a little cash here and there, and help you spend more of your money on the things you want to, not waste it on things you later find out you can buy for less with a little extra knowledge.